Andenæsgruppen is a successful global investor specializing in investments for a range of listed and private companies, with a focus on equity, debt investments and real estate.

Our dynamic and disciplined team is driven to achieve super profits and growth. Our core strength is in our crafty and opportunistic approach to investment strategies, our ability to act quickly and our desire to serve as an active partner to management teams in portfolio companies.

Corporate Structure
The majority of the assets of the Andenæsgruppen are owned by the holding company AS Tanja. AS Tanja is owned by Tor Andenaes and close family. Some of the subsidiaries of AS Tanja are:

Obligasjon 1 AS

Obligasjon 2 AS

Christiania Skibs AS

Victoria India Fund AS

Duck Penelope AS

Høvikhuset AS

Our History
Andenæsgruppen’s roots are rich in history, family, stability and tradition. The foundation of the company began with Erling Rye Andenæs in 1939, who started the business with a plumbing company in Oslo, Norway after receiving an engineering degree in piping and sanitation.

 After the Second World War, Erling began working on development and construction of real estate. In 1971, Erling’s three sons, Kjell, Tor and Mads joined the family business and started the contracting company Tor Andenæs AS.

In 1979, real estate development dominated the company’s activities, and the plumbing company was sold. A selection of the major rebuilding projects Tor Andenæs AS managed included Schau’s Brewery, Fortuna Brewery (Fredensborgveien 24/26) and Oslo Havnelager.

Also in 1979, Tor Andenæs moved to the United States and established a land development company, Sunbelt Holdings in Phoenix, Arizona which today is recognized as one of the leading real estate development, management and investment firms throughout the Southwest region of the US.

In 1981, Andenæsgruppen was founded and quickly expanded in many types of businesses including US real estate development, helicopter transport, seismic acquisition for oil companies, data processing and insurance and finance.

In 1985, Tor Andenæs AS was listed on the Norwegian Stock Exchange with the purpose of creating a strong foundation for further investment in the property market. In 1990, the company changed its name to Avantor, and is now under new ownership.

Today, Tor Andenæs and close family invest in financial instruments, stocks and bonds, and real estate under the Andenaesgruppen brand. Andenæs Eiendom AS manages the Norwegian real estate portfolio, and the US is managed by Sunbelt Holdings in Arizona.

Today, Andenæs Eiendom AS is owned by Kjell Andenæs and his three children. They are engaged in the development and management of real estate in Oslo and Bærum with special focus on Sandvika.