Investment Strategy

Through discipline and patience, Andenæsgruppen seeks over time to become one of the highest yielding investment companies around.

Andenæsgruppen creates investment value through its’ thoughtful, crafty and patient approach. Andenæsgruppen aims to outperform the general investment market by being highly flexible, cost-efficient and consistent in their approach to seeking investments with an attractive risk vs. reward opportunity.

Disciplined Investment Approach: Seek quality investments with attractive upside including:

  1. Industry analysis: Find sectors and segments with sustainable super profits and attractive growth potential
  2. Analyze the key success factors within each segment and screen companies against the key success factors
  3. Invest in those companies with key success factors that will have super profits and growth going forward (ROE>20%)
  4. Only invest in companies with strong management
  5. Funds with active management with above characteristics and reward potential

Risk-Profile: Minimize risk by being invested in selected companies/funds that are followed up closely.

Financial Risk: Conservative with no external interest bearing debt at holding level and adequate gearing at subsidiary level.