Social Responsbility

Andenaesgruppen cares about the impact our activity has on humans, animals, society and the environment. We have developed ethical guidelines that will help us ensure that our actions are ethically responsible. Our business associates should be acquainted with our ethical guidelines.

The aim of these ethical guidelines is to ensure that Andenaesgruppen and its associated colleagues perform socially responsible actions.

Be involved in activity that is ethical and sustainable, i.e. respects human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption, in accordance with the ten principles stated by UN Global Compact and the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investments.

Furthermore, Andenaesgruppen aims to respect and protect animals and not be involved in any activity that has direct negative effects on the welfare of animals.

Ethical Guidelines
Andenaesgruppen intends by best effort to follow these ethical guidelines in their activity. In addition, Andenaesgruppen will communicate their social responsibilities openly to business associates, in particular when entering into new arrangements and contracts.

Andenaesgruppen intends to be pro-active and prioritize purposes and investments that are believed to be ethical and sustainable. In companies where Andenaesgruppen has a strong influence through large ownership, the group will work at best effort to implement an ethical and sustainable profile.

Philanthropic Activity
Andenaesgruppen aims to be proactive and support selected projects that can be realized in a cost efficient manner and where we can have a certain influence and control. As of today Andenaesgruppen is involved in the following:

  • The main sponsor of the Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance (Dyrevernalliansen). Andenaesgruppen also supports other related interest groups, and is currently the main sponsor of a project on developing a web site on animal ethology and animal welfare, organized by the Society for Norwegian Ethologists (Foreningen Norske Etologer).

In collaboration with Sunbelt Holdings / John Graham CEO, the Andenæs group also supports a series of initiatives in Arizona.

Areas We Don’t Invest
Practical implications of our ethical guidelines as of March 2015:

  • Andenaesgruppen does not invest in Salmon Fish Farming. We believe that good animal welfare cannot be ensured in these production systems today. There are currently too many challenges with disease and high mortality.
  • Andenaesgruppen does not invest in companies, which are involved in Industrial Farming of Animals.